Thursday, March 10, 2011

All of Those Comments Came Out of Your Butt

McCarthyistic? Detroit native speaks out against controversial hearings on Islamic radicalism

Low-hanging fruit here, in the form of a piece covering Reps. Keith Ellison and John Dingell's responses to Rep. Peter King's Prove to Me You Are Not All Terrorists Homeland Security Committee hearing. The very first comment:

I think I saw this on a bumper sticker in Walker.

Farther down the page, we find these twin gems:

Well, if you're not traitorous criminals you needn't fear prosecution, so surely you won't mind if we treated you like traitorous criminals, just for a little while? It's a defense offered in bad faith. I actually find it worse than inchoate rage about "mooslems." 

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  1. & that B'wanna charachter is almost always in the top 5 posters on Mlive.