Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blaming the Victim Never Goes Out of Style

[Edited to add more and better screenshots; Corey Ruffin and Erin Wilson answered my pleas.]

'Hate crimes still happen': Detroit victim shares story on YouTube as FBI investigates

What's a little queerbashing between friends?

I don't have the capability to make decent screenshots right now (this one comes to you via MS Paint). Later in the thread, beetlebomb LOLs at NOBOMA, FairVoice slanders Matthew Shepherd -- "activists claimed Matthew Shepherd was killed as a hate crime (when the reality was he was killed in a drug deal gone bad that had nothing to do with his sexual orientation)" -- and letSPARTYroll claims the real problem is that black people stand too close to him in line.

As promised:

Apparently "hate crime" was invented in 1998, along with Google and Viagra.

Give him air, people. He needs space. I'm sure the assailant described in the article was thinking exactly the same thing. I especially like the assertion that many people share his discomfort with close proximity to The Coloreds, but fear speaking up. He is the lone, brave truth-teller, and the truth is that The Coloreds are violent, lawless, and probably steal.

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  1. Almost speechless on what you had to "slog through" today. Now I've got to be all paranoid waiting in line at the post office where nothing has happened with any colored person (ANY color any race, etc) in 21 years (approx 5 days a week since I have a mail order biz). I better measure 18" distance on everybody in front of & behind me.