Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Other People Are Browsing Websites of Which We Disapprove

ACLU to Rochester High: Stop filtering lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource sites

They shouldn't be looking at naughty websites at school anyway. I particularly like the assumption that the "It Gets Better" campaign is a mere hop, skip, and a jump from International Mr. Leather.

It's not clear what kids without home internet access are supposed to do.
You may not have noticed this, but every day is Heterosexuality Awareness Day. The Knot, for example, or, exist to promote compulsory heterosexuality and rigid gender roles.

 It's hostage-exchange time. We'll take GLSEN for the Family Research CouncilWin the Ultimate Prom and Bros Like This Site for the Human Rights Campaign and the Matthew Shepard Foundation. Satisfied? No?

Maybe my tax dollars don't want to pay for your blood pressure medication, buddy. Maybe my tax dollars don't want to pay for another long-range bomber. Here's the catch: I don't get to earmark my tax returns, and neither do you.


  1. The hostage exchange time bit made me laugh. The far right has so much money in their think tanks to made idiots like "B'wana" think he is going to be forced into gay marriage against his will or something. I'm glad my ACLU is always fighting the good fight. Unfortunately too much of our tax money now is probably buying Bibles through manipulation among the far right's charity orginizations (let alone bombers).

  2. Sheesh, what do they think kids do on the cell phones? Fear of the Rainbow Menace, evidently. The story was strange too, for taking place in Rochester.