Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bodily Fluids and Hidden Agendas

One man makes big impact, helping AIDS orphans

Note that the school discussed is in Uganda, and focuses on education and community development. While Bethany Christian Services is best known as an adoption agency, they are not in fact cultivating the Nyaka AIDS Orphans School as an abundant source of cheap African babies. Or are they?

He's correct in one respect: earlier this year, the US finally lifted its longstanding HIV immigration ban. This means, naturally, that Bethany Christian Services has the go-ahead to import HIV-positive children, presumably via cargo container, and deliver them to the home of pullupyourpants. Naturally they will bleed all over the place, due to injuries sustained during transport. The local Red Cross chapter, not wanting anything to go to waste, will collect and redistribute the blood. The children and everyone infected by transfusions of their blood will be enrolled in Medicaid, which means that all their medical bills will be sent to pullupyourpants. Or something like that.


  1. Children are children regardless of what health concerns they may have. All children deserve to be loved and cared for even by you - pullupyourpants. Have you heard of a thing called anti-discrimination laws? Children living in Uganda are facing war, rape, kidnapping, and bombings literally thrown at their faces all on top of a blood disease that they never asked for or contracted on their own account. The least we can do is pullupourpants to help children - let alone 'HIV children'.

  2. You're a more brave person than I for continuing to document the absolute cesspool of ignorance and racism that is MLive. One wonders if there are even moderators behind the scenes there.