Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vigilante Justice: Fun For The Whole Family!

Male suspect robs Flint business at gunpoint on Monday

This is a common refrain. Demands for a physical description are usually followed by assertions that it doesn't matter, because the Flint "Urinal" is too wishy-washy to print the truth.

And again: Two victims robbed, held at gunpoint in Flint on Saturday

To what purpose? So bphammer can hunt them down, heroically recover the stolen property, and administer an extrajudicial beating?

It's the reporter's responsibility to inform the community of ongoing events, including crime. It's not the reporter's responsibility to confirm commenters' dismal view of their fellow citizens or facilitate vigilante justice.

Cheetara would never rob anyone at gunpoint, nor would I. Our feminine gentility shudders at the thought!

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  1. I'd probably bet my life all three of those vigilante mlive wack jobs are male, they scare me as much as most the actual criminals with that Fox News hate in them.