Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Knew This Was Coming

FBI statistics released today confirmed that Flint is, indeed, the most violent city in America, with the highest rates of murder, assault, arson, etc., etc., etc. The community took this as well as might be expected.

Flint ranks as nation's most violent, FBI statistics show

Nobody's saying the coloreds are innately violent. They're just saying, you know?

It may interest Yep and valtwin to learn that in Atlanta, another majority-black city, both violent and property crime have steadily declined for several consecutive years. I blame the culture. Civic improvement is a powerful drug.

Only Fpd047 is brave enough to sound the alarm against the chilling advance of black CPAs, veterinarians, and high school teachers. But wait! Three minutes later, he reappears and doubles down.

I expect a bonanza of racist comments tomorrow when the ring-around-the-white-collar keyboard warriors arrive. Stand by for further developments.

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