Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Don't Need You Freeloaders Anyway

Does West Michigan need more visible minority and gay faces to attract a creative class?

goatluvin2 has an ironic name, and a muddled message, favoring a diverse local economy but a homogenous local population. Those old Rust Belt cities may have greater ethnic and cultural diversity than West Michigan, but continue to struggle economically because the gays and coloreds have no work ethic. Only white Christians free-marketeers have the gumption to make this "capitalism" thing work. And no, I have no idea how Muslim-bashing relates to anything.

I don't know, maybe people get the impression that conservatives aren't creative after encountering situations where conservative voices condemn difference, attempt to stifle dissent, and treat qualities of interpretation and empathy as morally suspect. You know, the foundations on which creative people build their art.

I will pause only to point out the irony of complaining about "shakedown organizations" while posting an anonymous comment on a free online newspaper. The gays or the Press or Miss PowerDiva or whatever could not take your money if they wanted to.

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