Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Cannot Possibly Understand The Delicate Nuances Of Our Bigotry

Police identify 'person of interest' in slaying of civil rights activist C. Frederick Robinson

Elsewhere, commenters fail to understand the difference between person of interest and suspect, and Pat Clawson explains why calling attention to racism is far worse than actual racism. His comments are too long to repost here, but I recommend skimming them for prime examples of covert racist apologia, attacks on phantom political-correctness zealots, and defense of the word "Negro" as used by condescending white folks.

Nice to know that Pat has so much support. Perhaps their support will give his State Senate campaign a much-needed boost.

Black-on-black crime is unique in that it does not involve individuals with families, histories, or feelings. Since neither victim nor perpetrator is fully human, they don't merit so much as a feature story in the local daily, let alone a true crime account. Just tally up the statistics at the end of the year and call it good.

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  1. There are a LOT of "sub-human" comments towards blacks on mlive on the other side of the states sites. It's like we are reading a Klan blog or something sometimes. I'm amazed that mlive doesn't delete at least some of this stuff.