Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get Your Own House In Order, Buddy [UPDATED]

Letter: Self-righteous left keeps skewing facts

Helpful hints for op-ed writers: when accusing others of self-righteousness, it is usually best to avoid skewing facts. Debunking the writer's claims would take too much time and energy, but the self-righteous tone is unmistakeable.

It's the "kid brother" principle in action: if your big sister looks like she's going to smack you if you poke her one more time, you must be doing something right. Also, please note the limpness of Barney Frank's wrists. Both of them! He really should get that looked at.

[Updated for bonus homophobia.

I automatically inserted a comma into the phrase "a Barney, bro," before I realized czfan wasn't accusing another commenter of being a children's television personality.]

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