Friday, March 25, 2011

You Probably Weren't Any Good at Your Job Anyway

Is extending unemployment benefits a smart move for the state's jobless?

Articles about unemployment bring out the average commenter's killer instinct.

Apparently trophytaker maintains a list of approved MBA programs and minimum GPA requirements. Also, Randy_James may not be familiar with the many surveys demonstrating that the single most pressing concern for business owners is poor sales and lack of demand for services. Many people are hesitating before starting businesses, not just 64-year-olds with no previous experience as self-funded entrepreneurs.

Well, if you were a better person, more financially responsible, and a more productive worker, you would have found a new job right away. Concerned_Citizen maintains that the very fact of one's misfortune proves that the misfortune is deserved.


  1. This is simply stone cold conservativism at it's bleakest and most unforgiving.

  2. You can also "follow all the rules" on saving by a lot of these conservative chumps & still lose your next egg in the stock market (dot com bubble, housing bubble) or follow Glen Beck in his gold commercials(upcoming bubble that will soon burst?).