Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breaking: Poor People Sometimes Eat Meat!

West Michigan Links: Hillsdale State Senator says second-hand clothes good enough for foster children

There is a difference, which Sen. Caswell doesn't seem to appreciate, between having most of one's clothes consist of hand-me-downs from family members and having all of one's clothes consist of strangers' castoffs. Notwithstanding:

Reality check! Per the DHS website, the standard rate of reimbursement (PDF) for a foster child without special needs is $99.68 per week. When the child turns 13 this increases to $123.13 per week. The residential care rate of reimbursement ranges from $130 to $400 per day. A portion of the difference reflects the cost of addressing special needs, but another portion reflects the high cost of maintaining and staffing a group home. 

Furthermore, forcing foster parents out of Bridge cards and into commodity food programs transforms the entire family, adults and children, into wards of the state. Funding, staffing, and administering this array of federal agencies is considerably more expensive than just giving poor people money to buy food. Our current system does not, however, allow saynotoallmillages to use the government to punish people he doesn't like, clearly an issue near and dear to his heart.

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