Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dept. of False Equivalences

Detroit teen pleads guilty to kidnap and rape of 26-year-old woman

This commenter probably missed the passage noting that the teenager was prosecuted as an adult.

If one must define this particular rape by stranger at knifepoint as some kind of skirmish in some kind of war, I would tend towards categorizing it as a War on Women, seeing as a woman suffered the greatest immediate harm. But this is the same commenter who previously announced his intention to tell the ladies whether or not they had been raped. We get it, okay? You're angry with your ex-girlfriend, or the woman in the next cubicle who, inexplicably, is not slavering to suck your dick, or the woman next door who you think is laughing at you behind your back. We understand that your life is very frustrating and full of women who have no interest in fucking you. Could you refrain from using news about crimes against women as an excuse to disparage women?  Lord knows you don't need any excuses, but could you at least move your comments over to threads with fewer sexual assault victims in them?

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