Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take Away the Soymilk! It's Against Our Religion!

Caledonia man puts low-cal spin on snacks with Fresh Healthy Vending franchise

B'wana is quick to chime in with a "Yuk." Incidentally, the products visible in the accompanying photo include juice boxes and chocolate chip cookies. We're not talking about carrot sticks; we're talking about Veggie Medley Straws and mini peanut butter crackers.

Yes, hotbeds of environmentalism like Griff's Ice House and Rivertown Sports. I, for one, can't imagine a roller derby bout or hockey game without locally-sourced organic trail mix. And I heard Walker Ice & Fitness Center is going to start composting!

I'm not surprised that people like junk food. I like junk food. Food manufacturers go to a great deal of trouble to make junk food that many people will like. I am surprised that loudly declaring one's disgust with healthy food or exercise has become, among reactionaries, a point of pride.

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