Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And A One, Two, One Two Three Hey! [UPDATED]

Shootout between two groups leaves three wounded in Muskegon Heights

Blood sport involving animals is illegal. Blood sport involving humans is totally okay by us. We find your pain and desperation entertaining!

Second story, same as the first:

We are in favor of depopulating Benzie County. Didn't need any of those damn kids anyway,  with their "rock music" and their "hopes and dreams for the future."

[Updated to allow CENSOREDNEWS to sound his single, quavering note: Benzonia man identified as latest of three recent suspected overdose victims in Benzie County

Bearing in mind that there's a sucker born every minute, for society to register a net drop in number of fools you would need a supply of dope sufficient to kill at least two every minute. If you have that much dope on hand, I imagine the DEA would like to know why. And "Social Darwinism" is not considered an acceptable response.]

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