Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dispatches From The War On Health [UPDATED]

Grand Rapids Public Schools planning to announce multi-million dollar grant for health centers

Yes, that's what the dental exam chair is for. Also, and it pains me to have to explain this repeatedly, but HYDE AMENDMENT.

I imagine the school health workers are terribly disappointed every time they realize they've accidentally provided care to a child with a valid Social Security card, or even a child whose parents were born in the United States. Their two semesters of night-school Spanish are going to waste!

[Updated to note that the next day's followup story drew the same comments, coincidentally in the same order: Grand Rapids schools receives $2.6 million to continue school-based health clinics

No, abortion will be offered a la carte, except on Thursdays. They're running a special: every immunization comes with your choice of abortion or sports physical.]

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