Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One From the Vault

I begin with an orphaned comment. Took a screenshot, then took a break, and when I returned later this afternoon it had disappeared. I had so many tabs open at the time that I couldn't even remember where the comment had originally been posted. Some Flint crime story. Horrible but true, they're all blurring together for me.

I checked Arm's profile page, followed the URL he cites, and realized that he's not actually Christian. He's Christian Identity, without a doubt the most bizarre variety of white supremacist. Their entire ideology is based on convoluted biblical revisionism that Michael Barkun summarizes better than I could.

Here, "feygele" means faggot and "ZOG" means Zionist Occupation Government. I'd never actually seen that phrase in use before today.

Crazy how the anti-Semites love them some Yiddish.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has an intelligence file on Kingdom Identity Ministries. Of note: the group's leader is seeking a "Quality Dedicated Christian White Lady" for marital and secretarial duties.
Desire a believer who is intelligent, reliable, competent, pleasant, neat, and careful in details. An important, interesting, fulfilling life on rural acreage located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Must be racially pure, honest and of high moral character. Should have genuine sweet, gentle, feminine mannerisms and be easy to get along with. Government, Jewish, or other agents DO NOT qualify! Position should be regarded as a calling in Christian service, not just another job. Room, board, and spending money will be provided. 
If you think this opportunity may be right for you, send your address, phone number, a recent photograph, and a description of yourself to this ministry. Girls under 18 need to have their parents' permission. Ladies of our race from Europe and other countries abroad, who qualify, are welcome to apply.
There is a Christian Identity chapter conveniently located in Linwood, an unincorporated township near Fraser, which also has a Klan chapter. Circumstantial evidence doesn't look good.

Think of this as the first of a series: Profiles in Spite, examining a single commenter with varying degrees of humor and despair, and varying numbers of ostensibly amusing links.

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  1. Wow this guy is a whole new realm of crazy isn't he. Love that ad for the ladies, at least he is offering up spending money (I'm sure he will beat you if you spend it on anything but bibles though).