Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stop Repeating Yourself, Dammit! [UPDATED]

Man beaten and carjacked by three males in Flint

If nobody can figure out what you're talking about, are you still a bigot?

Going forward, I plan to use "lives in Dearborn" as an all-purpose insult, roughly equivalent to "you suck."

Robber pushes man into car and drives around Flint while assaulting victim

"Schvartzer" is a Yiddish term for a black person that's become more derogatory as society has become less racist. I imagine Fpd is disappointed that he can't use the word "nigger" and is forced to substitute a slur less widely understood. Also, if his second comment looks familiar, that's because he posted it yesterday. Twice.

[Updated to add two baffling comments. First, a warning that America has been too kind to derelicts, paired with a plea for everyone to just get along. Second, a Hitler quote. I can't tell if the quote is intended as direct reply or mocking commentary. Note the timestamps at 2:30 and 3:01 AM, respectively.]

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