Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Can See The Future, And It's Better Without You

Victim from deadly shooting at Evergreen Regency Apartments on Sunday identified as Shaquille Vickers, 18

goobus has either been reading a different article; the piece doesn't offer any details about Vickers beyond his age. fuigb3 is correct, by the way. There's no Shaquille Vickers listed in OTIS, and an MLive search on his name turns up only a few references to the story about his death.

Thought experiment: take a person on Medicaid. Say she gets cancer. Her treatment won't be cheap, and it's on the taxpayers' dime. Why not just shoot her in the head? If there were a roving vigilante shooter with long-range precognition and a passion for reducing government spending on social programs, who among us would be safe?

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