Monday, June 27, 2011

All Ray, All The Time

SlutWalk hits Grand Rapids streets, crowd marches to stop victim blaming

I can't tell if this comment stems from chutzpah or cluelessness. Either way, Kevin, dear, you are the reason women organize SlutWalks.

Amazingly, unshaven feminist harridans don't make an appearance until late in the thread.

Ray is back with a vengeance and a new user account. His old account is still visible, but hasn't been active since June 6 and may have been blocked.

Women, you may not have been aware of this, but when you found yourselves in possession of vaginas, you should have taken the necessary steps to register them with Raymond Pistachio. At that time he will collect the licensing fee, issue all necessary papers. Each licensed vagina-holder will also receive a small device pre-programmed with mp3s discussing sexual assault and harassment. Audio clips consist of an enraged male voice, presumably Ray's, shouting No!, Shut up, bitch!, and That's not rape...this is rape!. Vagina-holders are encouraged to refer to these clips whenever they feel an attack of self-confidence or bodily autonomy.

Very few people are aware that unlawful possession of a vagina is prosecuted as a misdemeanor in Saginaw. If the vagina-holder is pregnant, the charge becomes "possession with intent to distribute."

In actual rape cases the prosecution tends to weed out raging misogynists during the jury selection phase, but Ray is clutching at a distant dream of jury nullification.

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