Monday, June 20, 2011

Nothing Will Slake His Thirst For Blood

Report: Traverse City teen confesses to killing missing teen; body found

It pains mushmorton to learn that the killer has not already been drawn and quartered in the presence of the victim's parents.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought that living in a Christlike manner was kind of the point of being a Christian. This dude wrote a book about it and everything.

Lawyers, judges, police officers, elected officials? Anarchists, all. Old Man Mushmorton is the only law you need!

Attempts to talk him down do not meet with success.

From this we can conclude that mushmorton is a) consistent and b) Dutch, given his hardline stance on misuse of his personal tax dollars. Farther down the thread, he attempts to draw historical analogies:

By this logic, the state should be firebombing Grayling already, and delivering a nuclear ultimatum for Grand Traverse County effective tomorrow.

Flint Police investigating homicide of 50-year-old man on Stewart Avenue in Flint

I'm just going to link Judge Dredd again, because I find it funny. mushmorton's absolutely on a roll here, with far more "kill 'em all!" comments than I have clever responses. I take comfort in the precious illusion that he is actually a shut-in who spends his days reading MLive, watching survivalist videos, and caressing his rifle collection. In actuality, I probably passed him at Meijer last week.

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  1. Fun to see the crazy interactions, but in the end it's always a "Kill 'em all & let God sort it out" kind of philosophy.