Monday, July 25, 2011

You Should Also Stop Breathing Air, Parasite

Julie Mack column: American attitude on health-care spending is unhealthy for our economy

I remain convinced that Charles Weyland wears sunglasses in his profile picture to conceal his cold reptilian eyes.

Apparently the only real taxes are income taxes. Sales taxes and license fees and such are more like tipping for service. It follows that as a non-taxpayer I should refrain from burdening the system. It won't be easy. Just today, I've selfishly taken advantage of city roads, municipal sewers, streetlights, sidewalks, interstate highways, non-contaminated food, clean tap water, and smog-free air. Not to mention the government-regulated radio spectrum and government-subsidized electrical grid built on public lands! Tomorrow I plan to make unfair use of the post office and the library.

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