Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This Is Totally Not What The Article Was About

Sales tax for online retailers? John Conyers sponsors bill to 'level the playing field'

I can't help but imagine all the welfare recipients bundled in a European-style shopping bag slung over a hardworking white Christian's back, with little hands and feet sticking out of the mesh, and little voices crying for help.

It's possible that claiming a majority-black Congressional district is by definition an economic drag on the state is in fact racist. Possibly. Of course, the real problem is that white people still have to pay sales tax.

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  1. Don't worry M-liver's will always point out anything that they can claim as reverse racism (they have been well trained by Fox news in that Dept). I can never own a white poofy kitty thanks to the Bond villain, Donald Pleasence wrecked my childhood for that.