Saturday, April 30, 2011

We Prefer to Prevent Suicide Attempts with Homicide Attempts

Woman threatening to jump from train trestle into Grand River, water rescue units responding

Apparently the cops were able to talk her down and get her to a hospital. This, however, is not good enough for raven76114. Bitch needs to be taught a lesson!

I'm sure that what everyone at the point of attempting suicide really, secretly wants is a person standing around taunting them. Mental illness is not like the hiccups. It doesn't vanish after a good scare or a talking-to, and it disturbs me how many people still believe this. Also, dwartfarquart does my work for me by concurring that pushing someone off a railroad trestle into a fast-moving river, then jumping in after her, amounts at attempted murder followed with death by misadventure. Note: "Death by misadventure" is legal terminology for "you did something fucking retarded."

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