Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not Actually About Arson

'Total chaos:' Flint firefighters respond to 11 vacant house fires all around the same time, location overnight

This thread becomes very convoluted very quickly; please bear with me.

ArmOFtheLORD, like Fpd047, knows which racial slurs are permitted. He's referring to an earlier comment by Jesus_said, which as far as I can tell no longer appears anywhere on MLive.

My guess is that ts673335's first paragraph quotes Jesus_said and the second and third paragraphs are a response, but without the referent it's impossible to say for sure.

Fun fact: opinions differ on whether there is a patron saint of fetuses, and who that saint might be. None of them live in Davison, though.

Note that ts673335 is on a rampage, adding the same comment to every thread with a post by Jesus_said, as herehere, and here:

ArmOFtheLORD is definitely Christian Identity, and his rhetoric is very similar to Jesus_said's. Having his two aliases engage in conversation is a nice touch. Naturally no one can verify or disprove ts's claim, but it's plausible.

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  1. Interesting if that term is the equivalent of the "N" word among the Jewish shouldn't mlive ban it? Of course his sh!t & a$$ also. I wonder how much of this stuff gets taken down if reported on Mlive.